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About the Author


Dedicated to writing great stories that all children can relate to. 

-Rashid Mason

     Rashid Mason, a native of Camden, NJ, proudly carries the legacy of Bethune-Cookman University (Undergraduate) and Florida A&M University (Graduate) as an alumnus, where his journey of advocacy and support for the educational and social-emotional needs of all students began.

     As a dedicated school psychologist and charismatic dance instructor, Rashid's unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds is evident in every aspect of his work.

     For Rashid, the opportunity to share his story with the world is not just a personal achievement but a chance to amplify the voices of those often overlooked. With a fervent desire to provide a platform for the voiceless, Rashid aspires to be a megaphone for all whose voices yearn to be heard.

     Driven by Rita F. Pierson's profound words, Rashid embodies the ethos of a true champion, steadfast in his belief in the power of connection and unwavering in his insistence that every individual deserves the chance to reach their fullest potential.

     Adding another dimension to his multifaceted persona, Rashid is the proud author of "The Rhythm of My Feet," a captivating children's book that chronicles his passion for tap dancing. Alongside his role as a dance instructor, Rashid shares his love for tap with both youth and adults, using dance as a conduit for self-expression and joy.

     Additionally, as the Creator of RhythMakersTap, Unlimited and Co-Director of Dare 2 Dance of Camden NJ, Rashid's influence extends beyond the classroom and dance studio, leaving an indelible mark on the communities he serves.

Rashid Mason: a beacon of hope, a voice for the voiceless, and a tireless advocate for the empowerment of every individual to embrace their unique rhythm and soar to new heights.

Rashid Mason

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