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Adding Compassion to Virtual Learning

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

In the waking months of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our educational systems were unsure of how to navigate the learning process for not only ourselves, but our students. We began to see our systems scramble to develop creative ways to continue the educational process while developing new norms for how students learn. Little did we know that we were not prepared for this lengthy time of "new education process", nor did we believe that succeed in adapting to those changes.

Now in 2021, learning is largely virtual. Students are now face-to-face with a computer screen and a system that still requires them to obtain information in the same fashion as they did in brick and mortar. It has been my observation to regularly see frustrated teachers, angry parents, and students who have not yet embraced this new norm. Students are lacking academic integrity and achievement gaps are widening. Parents are now more than ever important to the educational system as they now are the in-person teacher. Finding ways to recreate lessons and reinforce materials that their students don't understand

. This "new norm" has caused constant technology failures, lack of structure, and the lack of compassion we have towards our students. We have yet failed them again in showing them that are what matters!

Here are 10 ways to build COMPASSION in your virtual classroom:

  1. Start each day with a Morning Meeting to set the tone for the day.

  2. Check in with each student to see how they feel and why the feel that day.

  3. Encourage students to motivate themselves and their peers.

  4. Allocate times for students to interact with each other.

  5. Model compassionate behavior

  6. Educate from your heart and lead with care.

  7. Treat every student with respect.

  8. Send weekly messages of encouragement to students.

  9. Listen carefully and let students share without judgement.

  10. Open the door for acceptance.

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