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Finding Our Inner-Child

We have we become obsessed with being adults and showing others that we are able to adult that we forgot all the color our childhood provided us. Life moves us along and we grow into adults; serious and fearful people, we forgot to exist like a child. In the sense of being fearless and finding a love for exploration. Think back on your youth and I’m sure you will remember those days were about taking a risk. Risk that were worth the repercussion and finding a new fantasy was your escape into daydreams and colorful imaginations of what you dreamed life to be. Now we are gray; living stuck in reality and forgetting that we still hold those childlike assets and can always tap in and out of them. Who said we had to grow up and stay there? Who said that we had to stop dreaming in color? Who said that we couldn’t smile and show others that there is still a being inside who believes in the hope of miracles and dreams come true? Who said it all must stop? We have to reawaken the spirit of youth. Find our zest for imagination and live like the child who always sees the glass full.

Playing with my toy characters and building them a reality of being was pure joy and freedom. Although I knew that these still creations would never talk, sing, or dance; I imagined that they could and developed a school that was all theirs and built on the Arts. Every day was a show and every day I found something new to imagine. Those moments gave me the fuel I needed to expand my creativity and freely imagine a place where I wanted to be and all the gifts that God created within me. It’s in those moments that my mother realized, “this boy can sing”. I was in my own little world of imagination and free to be just me; but that all stopped. We were forced to put up the toys and grow into little grown people. Taking on responsibility and being told you are too old to play with games and toys. The need for imagination was deemed useless and all that was important was academics and resources. The child within became non-existent. Now as adults; we are challenged to reconnect to those characters, but life has made us too serious to find the resourcefulness in using them. We have to regain our creativity and find ways to incorporate them back into our lives. I know for, I’m am the happiest when I am able to creative. It brings back a sense of accomplishment when the thoughts I imagined transform into a great product. It brings the child smile and nervous actions of taking the compliments and being very shy about the attention that follows after. We must find those moments to imagine and see where it leads us.

Not much of an explorer, but having friends who pushed the limits and dared me to do some things I won’t name was the beauty in being young. I mean we were living fearless and not afraid to risk it all on a practical joke or scheme that went way too far. We were exploring life; finding out what was wrong and not so right. We were living as kids and not taking ourselves way too serious and finding that thrill useless. We found fun in the unknown and thrill in the chase, but soon things got serious and we had to put away immaturity and those bad ways. Who said it was immature? Who said that in those moments’ lessons weren’t taught and the need for exploration had to cease. We fell into formation of being adults and lost our love for the unknown to never be free to roam. We found that exploration wasn’t a skill in the adult world. We learned that were you found work, was forever your home. No, don’t move; you have all you need here. There is a whole world to explore, but we are stuck to stay here. Why? We need to explore. Exploration brought many of us back home and away from futures and stories untold. We lost the thrill to explore like children and be securely free in the world unknown. We must explore new things and take risks that unfold the magic of being and new stories to mold.

To some this might be foolish to tap into the ways of our youth, but I say to you; life isn’t so serious. Be free to think freely and let the ways of the young guide you instincts. We live to serious and maintain our adultness, but forgetting that we were once children who dreamed bigger than King did. Find your imagination and exploration; never abandoning it. It helps us through life and makes things a little easier to bare. Reminisce on those days of youth and how you spent your days; putting on shows and playing with toys was all you needed to be happy and content there. Smile more like the child who explores. Finding that there is beauty in the unknown and we must always use our imagination to explore all we have in store.

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